Touch-Screen Controls option for Portable AC and DC Hipots

  • 7” Full-color Resistive Touch-screen Display
  • Auto-ranging Meters for Voltage and Current
  • Automatic Voltage Control with Infinity Dial
  • Data logging to USB via csv file
  • Adjustable Rate of Voltage Rise in v/s
Microhmmeter-Contact Resistance Meter

  • Manual or Auto Range (6 ranges of current measurement, plus 3 ranges within each current range).
  • Measurement of resistive and inductive materials (Two terminal measurement; Four terminal Kelvin measurement).
  • Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with memory of 20 data. Auto-judgments of Hi (readings higher than Hi-Limit), Lo (readings lower than Lo-Limit) and Pass (readings between Hi-Lo Limits). Alarm (beeper) for Hi and Lo.
  • Readings Hold function
  • Communicate with PC via RS232C (to USB bridge) cable
Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

  • Measurements of 1-Phase and 3-Phase Transformer/VT/CT Turns Ratio
  • VT/PT ratio 0.8-10000, CT ratio 0.8-2000
  • High accuracy
Surge Generator Motor Test Sets

Powerful features in an easy to use package.
  • Perform offline testing of new or in-service rotating machines or coils
  • Test the winding to winding and rotating machine which prevents failures and unexpected down time.
60 kV AC Vacuum Interrupter
Test Set

  • Remote control via Bluetooth connection to Android devices
  • ±30 kVAC, total of 60 kV, 10 mA
60 kV Smart DC Hipot

  • Remote control via Bluetooth connection to Android devices
  • 0-60 kV, 6 mA
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