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Dielectric Testing of Highly Capacitive Loads

"DIELECTRIC TESTING OF HIGHLY CAPACITIVE LOADS" April/May 2010 Transmission and Distribution Written by Brad Fuller of Enertel, Australia.
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AC Dielectric Testing

"AC RESONANT TEST SYSTEMS" February 2009 Power Transmission Australia Written by Brad Fuller of Enertel, Australia.
- Introduction to Resonant Test Systems and their applications.
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Onsite Cable Testing

"Cable Diagnosis using Variable Frequency and Partial Discharge Diagnosis with Defect Location and Characterization" September 2002 Second Congreso Subterranea Systemas de Distribucion Guadalaljara, Mexico Written by D. Kremer, J. Rickmann, G.C.Montanari
- Cable Diagnosis using Variable Frequency.
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Cable Testing

"Technical Challenges in the Measurement of Insulation Resistance" September 2000 Ninth Annual Wire and Cable FOCUS Conference for Wire and Cable Producers, Providence Rhode Island. Written by J. Britton, H. Pepe
- Technical Challenges Insulation Resistance.
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Icing / Pollution Testing of Insulators

"Insulator Icing Test Methods and Procedures" 2001 Position Paper by the IEEE Task force on Insulator Icing Test Methods. This presentation by R. Kremer is the foundation of section V of the published IEEE paper. The position paper can be downloaded from the IEEE website in its entirety.
- Item #5 Power Supply Requirements.
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Partial Discharge Measurements

"Partial Discharge Measurements" 2008 Paper by Phenix introducing the basic concepts of partial discharge testing.
- Partial Discharge Measurements
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Variable Transformers (Regulators)

"A Guide to Variable Transformers" April 1995 Mississippi State University Short Course On High Voltage Measurement Techniques by R. Kremer
- Guide to Variable Transformers.
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Large Scale Motor Test System Design (Motor Testing)

"Large Scale Motor Test System Design" 2001 Authored by J.Britton. This paper is the foundation of the Phenix Technologies R2 Series very high power motor test system line. A brief outline of the capabilities and advantages of this design.
- Large Scale Motor Test System Design
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Overview to Coreloss Testing (Motor Testing)

"An Overview of Coreloss Testing" September 1994, Presented to EASA Chapter Mid-West Winter Meeting by P.Winter
- An Overview of Coreloss Testings.
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