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Phenix Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-voltage, high-current, and high-power test systems and components. Our mission is to design and produce superior test systems to meet your specific needs. From portable test sets to over one million volt custom systems, Phenix Technologies utilizes our in-house engineering resources, manufacturing capabilities and flexibility to provide advanced solutions for our customers around the world since 1975.

All of the major components of our systems are produced in our 80,000-square-foot modern manufacturing facility and headquarters, located in Accident, Maryland, USA. From the electrical, mechanical and software design to the actual production and final completion of the test system, your product is under the control of our technicians from start to finish, ensuring that our rigorous standards of quality are met each step of the way. We take our ISO9001 compliant seriously so our customers can rest assured that our quality standards are continuously monitored and improved.

Our engineers offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience that’s vital to the development of custom solutions for industry leaders. As members of world-wide professional and technical organizations, our engineers pride themselves by offering innovative solutions for any project. Our ever-expanding Service & Calibration Department stands ready to assist you during and after installation to insure years of trouble free service.

Although Phenix Technologies is headquartered in the tranquil mountain setting of western Maryland, additional sales offices are located in southern and western U.S.A., Basel, Switzerland and Taipei, Taiwan. In addition, Phenix Technologies’ representatives are located across the U.S.A., and in more than 50 countries.

Our engineering resources, manufacturing capability and commitment to flexibility have earned us the reputation as the supplier of choice. Cutting edge design, service reliability, worldwide accessibility and commitment to fulfilling the evolving needs of our customers is what we aspire to and what our customers have come to expect. Dedication, determination and commitment is what we at Phenix Technologies promise to deliver.

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