Microhmmeter-Contact Resistance Meters

The MRM Series will accurately measure very low contact resistances on all types of electrical products including motors, switchgear, breakers, busbars, generators, reclosers, transformers.

  • 4-wire Kelvin measurement
  • Easy to read digital screen display
  • Printable test results via external or built-in printer
  • IEC safety compliant
1 mA-10 A, 1 µΩ resolution, rechargeable battery
1 mA-10 A, 0.1 µΩ resolution, rechargeable battery
Up to 100 A (True DC), 0.1 µΩ resolution,
Built-in memory and printer
5 A-200 A (True DC), 0.1 µΩ resolution,
Built-in memory
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