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This Cylinder Type Variable Inductance Resonant Test System, features the newly redesigned core drive mechanism which significantly reduced the size of the system. This was accomplished without sacrificing quality and reliability which were a hall mark of the previous design. In addition Phenix was able to keep operating noise and vibration to a minimum even under heavy loading. This system is rated for 500kV, 30A, each cylinder is 250kV 30A and will be used for routine testing of cables.


This Cylinder Type Variable Inductance Resonant Test System, was the first implementation newly redesigned core drive mechanism. In addition to the new drive system this was also the highest voltage single module system in operation today. Phenix introduction of 500kv modules significant advantages in cost and space savings to our customers. Without the new 500kV modules a two modules system would have been necessary, in this application the limitation of the customer's ceiling height prohibited a two module design. This system is rated for 500kV, 1A and is used for GIS testing.


This Tank Type Variable Inductance Resonant Test System, is the highest voltage outdoor system built by Phenix until now. This continuous duty outdoor all weather system is the latest design in Phenix's outdoor cable qualifcation test system prodcut line. This system features a 1300kV class poc bushing. The system is reated for 750kV, 15A, Continous duty all weather operation. The RTS operates in parallel resoance to ensure voltage stability in all weather conditions.

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